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A plan review/shielding design must be submitted for review prior to installation of x-ray equipment pursuant to Rule .0603 of 15A NCAC 11 "The North Carolina Regulations for Protection Against Radiation". The plan review/shielding design must be submitted by a registered, qualified expert for review and acknowledgment by North Carolina Radiation Protection.

A plan review/shielding design illustrates the equipment arrangement of an x-ray room and projects lead or lead-equivalent shielding needed to confine radiation within the x-ray room. This shielding serves to protect occupants of adjoining rooms and the x-ray operator who is required to remain behind a protective barrier during exposures. A contracted qualified expert obtains information from the facility concerning occupancy rate of applicable areas and workload (number of x-rays taken in a period of time) of the x-ray room and performs calculations according to NCRP 49 or NCRP 147 recommendations. Recommendations for shielding in each barrier in the room are projected from these calculations.

Qualified experts must be registered with North Carolina of Radiation Protection to perform services for Class III (Diagnostic Radiographic Facility and Shielding Design), Class IV (Diagnostic Fluoroscopic Facility and Shielding Design). Applicants must submit an application with supporting information documenting sufficient training and background for specified services.

Upon completion of installation of x-ray equipment a post installation survey is required, except for dental intraoral units and panoramic units, to document shielding integrity. The post-installation survey must be performed by a registered, qualified expert.

"DISCLAIMER:  The entire Service List is not posted on this page, the listing for Plan Reviews and Surveys are found here, for a list of all other service providers click here.  These Service Listings are not to be construed as an endorsement of services.   The consumer has the right to choose a service company in any county or state listed.  A complete Service List is available upon request to bonnie.poole@ncmail.netThe Service Listings will be updated periodically, this list may not be complete at this time."



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