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The Radiation Protection Section and the tanning program are dedicated to protecting the public against over exposure of non-ionizing radiation.  Our section is responsible for educating our registrants about maintaining compliance with the Tanning Regulations. The tanning program was the first source of non-ionizing radiation to be regulated by the state of North Carolina.  The requirements for tanning facilities were adopted in June of 1989.  This program was not funded until the legislation was approved in September of 1994. 

In January of 1995, the Section hired one tanning supervisor and three tanning inspectors to began full-time inspections in the tanning facilities on a two year frequency.  Presently, the Section has three inspectors.       The inspectors cover the entire state of North Carolina from Murphy to Manteo. Currently in 2015, there are  approximately 1,091 tanning facility registrants with a total of 5,649 tanning systems (beds, booths, other).    In the 2014/2015 FY, the tanning inspectors conducted approximately 400 tanning facilities inspections and inspected 1,464  tanning systems. The tanning program is a fee based program. 


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