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Name by Last Name Telephone Number Position
RPS Main Number 814-2250 Radiation Protection Section
Adams, Wynette Wynette Adams 814-2329 RCB -Mammo/X-ray Inspections, Wilkesboro to Charlotte, Northwetern area
Albright, James James Albright 814-2251 RAM Branch - Technical Consultant
Bethea, Jeff Jeff Bethea 814-2320 RCB -X-ray Inspections, Raleigh area
Brayboy, Louis Louis Brayboy  814-2304 RAM Branch - Licensing
Britt, Christy Christy Britt 814-2328 RCB -X-ray Inspections Wilmingtion area
Burke, Dawn Dawn Burke 814-2340 RAM Branch - Licensing/Inspections
Cloninger, Denise Denise Cloninger 814-2330 RCB -X-ray Inspections, Charlotte & Gastonia area
Cox, Patrick Patrick Cox 814-2273 RAM Branch - Environmental
Cox, W. Lee, III W. Lee Cox, III 814-2252 Radiation Protection Section Chief
Crowe, Randy Randy Crowe  814-2305 RAM Branch - Licensing
Crowley, David David Crowley 814-2303 RAM Branch - Manager 
Dannacker, Eilleen Eileen Dannacker  814-2254 Tanning, Registrations Program Support
Deaton, Matthew Matthew Deaton  814-2291 Tanning Inspection/Western
Doss, Debra Debra Doss  814-2331 RCB -X-ray Inspections, Winston-Salem and Greensboro area
Driver, Nick Nick Driver  814-2306 RAM Branch - Reciprocity & Administrative Assistance
Dudley Tune, Barbara Barbara Dudley Tune  814-2332 RCB -X-ray Inspections, Greenville and northeastern N.C.
Fidalgo, Chris Chris Fidalgo  814-2307 RAM Branch - Licensing
Gibson, Phillip Phillip Gibson 814-2290 NC Radon Program Coordinator
Granger, Jon Jon Granger  814-2277 Enforcement and Invoicing Coordinator
Green, Lane Lane Green 814-2333 RCB -Mammography Inspections, Charlotte and Central N.C.
Greene, Mary Mary Greene 814-2325 Radiation Compliance Branch - Installs & FDA 2579 Support
Hall, Joyce Joyce Hall 814-2253 Administration Secretary
Harmon, Amy Amy Harmon  814-2334 RCB -X-ray Inspections, Raleigh, Apex, Cary area
Harris, Cliff Cliff Harris  814-2310 RAM Branch - Inspections
Houchin, Scott Scott Houchin 814-2302 RAM Branch - Licensing/Inspections
Jallow, Amadou Amadou Jallow  814-2292 Tanning Inspection/Eastern
Jeffries, Sharn Sharn Jeffries  814-2311 RAM Branch - Inspections
Jeffries, William William Jefferies 814-2271 Nuclear Plant Emergency Response Coordinator
Johnson, William William Johnson  814-2308 RAM Branch - General Licensing/Inspections
Kim, Kahee Kahee Kim  814-2324 RCB -X-ray Shielding Technical Consultant
Kissinger, Regina Regina Kissinger  814-2335 RCB Mammography & X-ray Inspections, Asheville and Western N.C.
Kizer, Andrea Andrea Kizer  814-2293 Tanning Inspection/Central
Long, Rodney Rodney Long 814-2275 LAN Administrator
Mays, Diane Diane Mays  814-2294 Radon /Tanning Program Support/Tanning Registrations
Vacant   814-2312 RAM Branch - Security
Moore, Talytha Talytha Moore 814-2276 IT Developer
Moore, Wendy Wendy Moore  814-2336 RCB -Mammography Inspections, Greenville and Eastern N.C.
Nelson, Sheila Sheila Nelson  814-2313 RAM Branch - Inspections
Pate, Bennifer Bennifer Pate 814-2321 RCB -X-ray  Technical Consultant Service Provider Inspections, Mobiles
Peeler, Lynn Lynn Peeler 814-2322 RCB -X-ray  Mammogprahy Support
Rollins, Jenny Jenny Rollins 814-2326 RCB Manager -X-ray and Mammography
Rosfjord, Catherine Catherine Rosfjord 814-2295 Tanning Compliance and Radon Manager
Singleton, Diane Diane Singleton  814-2256 RCB -X-ray Registrations
Smith, Caleb Caleb Smith 814-2301 RAM Branch - Licensing/Inspections
Stubbs, Sherri Sherri Stubbs  814-2338 RCB -X-ray Inspections, Durahm and Chapel Hill area
Wagstaff, Beth Beth Wagstaff 814-2337 RCB -X-ray Inspections, East Charlotte, Concord and surrounding area
Vacant   814-2270 Budget/Fiscal Officer


NC Radiation Protection, 1645 Mail Service Center,
Raleigh, NC  27699-1645  919-814-2250