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Radioactive Materials Branch
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   The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and North Carolina have implemented increased controls for licensees that possess certain radioactive materials in quantities of concern. The NRC has determined that these additional requirements are necessary to supplement existing regulatory requirements in 10 CFR 20.1801 - .1802 (rules similar to North Carolina's 15A NCAC 11 .1622).

   The objective of the Increased Security Requirements is to protect radioactive material quantities of concern so that the risk of theft, sabotage, or unauthorized use is minimized.  This enhancement of requirements is intended to supplement existing regulations that address security and control of radioactive material by the licensee.  More details about this national program can be found at NRC's Website.

   The increased controls are a matter of compatibility with NRC and must be implemented in a time frame desired by the NRC and with essentially identical content to those being used by NRC for its licensees.

Guidance for submitting applications is as follows:

 Determine the characteristics (types and quantities) of radioactive material being requested in the application.

2) Determine if the radioactive material to be requested qualifies as quantities of concern. Should you need assistance in this determination, contact the designated Radioactive Materials Branch representative for guidance.

If the radioactive material to be requested DOES NOT qualify as quantities of concern – the applicant should follow the standard (health & safety) license application guidance. Note- it is anticipated only a small percentage of applicants will be requesting radioactive material in quantities of concern.

 4)  If the radioactive material to be requested DOES qualify as quantities of concern – the license should do the following:
  Contact the designated Radioactive Materials Branch representative for individual guidance.

   As facilitated by the Branch representative, the process for a license application that is identified to include quantities of concern will undergo BOTH the standard (health & safety) licensing process and a concurrent, but separate, Increased Security application assessment (i.e. two separate application packages will be required). Prior to license issuance, verification of compliance with the Increased Security Requirements will be made.  Descriptions of the Increased Security Requirements for qualifying licensees can by clicking here

   By the nature of the Increased Security program and associated control enhancements required by all stakeholders, this application process will typically entail an extended completion timeline. Accordingly, license applicants should time their actions to allow for the possibility of this extended completion timeline.

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Last Modified:  06 September 2011
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