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Re-establishing Operating Levels



The ACR manual has listed a number of circumstances under which it may be appropriate to re-establish the processor QC operating levels.  These events include:   

§         When a film manufacturer makes a change to a film currently in use and recommends that the processor QC  program be re-established;

§         A change in film volume;

§         A change of brand or types of chemicals used;

§         A change in film brand or type;

§         A change in replenishment rates;

§         A change in development time (e.g., going from extended to standard cycle);

§         A change in the settings on a specific gravity automixer;

§         Using a different sensitometer or densitometer;

§         A change in film processor;

§         Running out of film thus preventing a crossover from being done correctly.

Keep in mind that changing the chemistry as part of routine preventative maintenance is NOT justification for changing the QC operating levels.  The reason for re-establishing the operating levels must be noted in the remarks section of the QC chart.


If you change your processing operating levels, then you should also evaluate your phantom aims.  If you have a valid reason to re-establish processing operating levels, then you also have a valid reason to re-establish phantom aims if necessary.

Refer to the section on Resetting Phantom Aims


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