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Registration of A New Unit or a New Facility


     As required by the "North Carolina Regulations For Protection Against Radiation" rules .0203 Application: Registration: Radiation Machines: Facilities: and   .0205  Application For Registration Service Companies requires that each registrant shall complete proper application to register radiation machines and facilities.

     An application for registration must be filled out completely when there is a change on the notification of registration.  Changes can include:  new Radiation Safety Officer; change in address or facility name;  changes to equipment (new equipment installed or old equipment being stored or terminated); etc.

When new equipment is installed the following procedure must be followed:


Requirement Performed by Submit to
Radiation Survey performed within 30 days of installation Registered Medical Physicist Kept at facility for inspection purposes
Equipment registered with the Section within 30 days of initial use Facility Protection Section
Application for accreditation of new equipment or changes to staff Facility Accreditation body (ACR typically)
Notification of changes to FDA Certification Facility Accreditation body (ACR typically)


The following application(s) must be properly filled out with date and signature before this agency will issue a registration number for your facility.  No application can be accepted through e-mail. 



Mailing address:
NC Radiation Protection  
3825 Barrett Drive  Raleigh, NC  27609
Phone:  (919)571-4141   Fax:  (919)571-4148


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